Stadium Investments Strengthen Global iEMS Offering

Stacey Vinther Electronics, Group News

Stadium Group’s iEMS division continues to invest significantly in key state of the art equipment to bolster the manufacturing capabilities at the centres of excellence in both Asia (Dongguan, China) and Europe (Hartlepool, UK).

The investments made throughout 2014 include a new leading edge surface mount (SMT) assembly line installed at the Hartlepool facility, along with the latest technology equipment from DEK (Screen Print), Assembleon (AX range of Pick and Place) and Vitronics Soltec (Reflow) to compliment the existing SMT capability. This new equipment enables Stadium UK iEMS to assemble PCB’s as large as 800mm x 460mm, strengthening their position in the LED arena and opening up a host of new opportunities and customers in the growing LED lighting market.

Peter Whitley, General Manager at Hartlepool comments: “The addition of the new SMT line in the UK has increased capacity, significantly improved flexibility and efficiency, and future proofed our EMS capabilities through the enhanced technology. Within just three weeks of installation we secured a new customer who had been unable to produce the larger boards themselves and had previously been unsuccessful in sourcing a suitable UK EMS partner.”

To add further value to the global EMS offering, Stadium iEMS has also installed new automated conformal coating robots, PCB wash facilities and Cyberoptics AOI (automatic optical inspection) machines at both the Hartlepool and Dongguan sites. These new facilities enable Stadium iEMS to fully meet the requirements of customers operating in challenging environments such as Aerospace, Telematics, Defence and Medical.

Peter continued: “The new SCS Precisioncoat Conformal Coating robots allow us to accurately coat individual components for customers in order to protect from contamination and moisture, improving long-term reliability. If our clients in the Medical or Aerospace sector require their PCB to be cleaned to meet industry regulations, we can now do that before coating the components with a layer of protection.”

“The addition of the Cyberoptics AOI has tightened quality checks during production ensuring that board errors are captured in real-time, significantly reducing rework requirements and improving on time delivery.”

Peter added: “Our UK and China footprint allows us to offer our customers a seamless transition from prototype through to low/medium or high volume manufacturing from the appropriate region to flexibly meet customer requirements with the confidence that their supply chain will be unaffected.”