The demanding Aviation sector requires lightweight solutions with differing air pressure and flammability issues considered in the design process. These typically custom designed solutions include Passenger Control units (PCU) for control of seat position, entertainment systems and galley control panels.

Control systems may incorporate capacitive touch screens which may be specified with our innovative thin film backlighting Technology.

Thin-film backlighting is lightweight and space saving making it ideal for cabin signage and cabin control panel applications, providing even illumination and can display any combination of legends including; exit, toilets, seatbelt, no smoking and include secret till lit signs. We can also provide cabin mood lighting solutions.

Our control and signage solutions employ advanced technologies offering high reliability and power and weight savings over legacy designs and are available on short lead-times. Our experience in producing airline PCU seat controls for several global airlines. Full component traceability is assured from our SC21 accredited facility.

HMI Solutions for Aviation

  • In-flight entertainment interface
  • PCUs
  • Galley control panels
  • Multi-colour backlighting
  • Cabin mood lighting
  • Call button
  • Cabin signage
  • Low profile, lightweight solutions
  • Parts qualified to RTCADO160D & D6-36440
  • SC21 approved facility


Stadium IGT’s HMI design and integration expertise meets demanding rail industry specifications, reducing cost and time to market.

This knowledge allows us to contribute expert design and manufacturing expertise to reduce development time, minimising non-recurring engineering charges and supplying fully tested ‘ready to run’ complete interface assemblies. We offer robust and hard wearing HMI solutions for the rail industry with the following features:

  • Multi-colour backlighting
  • Low profile
  • Light weight
  • Custom keypad and membrane solutions
  • Control integration featuring touch-screen, joystick, LCD and/or conventional switches
  • Full component traceability

HMI Solutions for Rail

  • Driver cab panels
  • GSM-R communication panels
  • Rolling stock interface
  • Passenger seat controls
  • Access control (door opening)
  • Mood lighting
  • Ticket machines
  • Access control turnstile interface
  • Emergency call panels


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Case Study: Siemens Rail GSM-R Communications Panel

Control panel design and integration to meet demanding rail industry specifications.

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Case Study: Commend UK London Underground Contact Terminals

Custom HMI solution for the customer’s next generation of railway platform emergency call and communication information points.

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Stadium IGT has delivered multiple intelligent interface and control panels for the marine electronics sector.

Our capability includes design and manufacture to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IEC 60945, IP69 In suitable housing, control integration featuring touch-screen, joystick, LCD and/or conventional switches, capacitive switch panels
- design, prototype and volume manufacture.

We are also SC21 accredited.

HMI Solutions for Marine

  • Dynamic Positioning
  • BNWS (Bridge Alert Systems)
  • Docking systems
  • Thruster Controls
  • Communications equipment


Stadium IGT is a leading provider of interface solutions and control panels for the demanding medical sector. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing bespoke HMI solutions for medical environments and applications makes us the first choice for several global medical equipment manufacturers.

Our capabilities for medical HMI includes custom designed plugin control panels, capacitive switch panels, illumination including Thin Film Backlighting, integrated keyboards, displays, touchscreens, joysticks and glide pads. Our products are fully tested to specification and can be designed with antibacterial coatings resistant against chemicals and solvents, sealing up to IP69, IEC 60945, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485.

We can also provide fully designed and tested power products to EN60601-1 3rd edition.

HMI Solutions for Medical

  • Medical device interface
  • Critical equipment controls
  • Membrane keypads for medical equipment and infrastructure
  • Backlighting and illuminated high quality product branding
  • Fully sealed panels
  • Antibacterial coatings


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Case study: Backlighting Technology for Retinal Imaging Equipment

Optos manufacture retinal imaging equipment used by optometrists worldwide. Optos designed a new product called ‘Daytona’ and as part of the design process a requirement for enhanced product branding was established.

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Rugged Industrial

We have over 25 years expertise in the design and build of custom HMI solutions for a wide range of industrial market sectors including agricultural equipment, mining equipment, automotive and food processing.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to work hand in hand with system designers to produce high level HMI sub-assemblies that bring demonstrable benefits in reduced time to market, minimised front-end engineering costs and technical ability.

Our expertise in the heavy industrial sector includes design and manufacture for ruggedized construction, vandal resistant, offering various sealing options up to IP69 (in suitable housing), control Integration featuring touch-screen, joystick, LCD and/or conventional switches and capacitive switch panels.

HMI Solutions for Industrial

  • Automotive and vehicle interfaces
  • Control panels for automated production equipment
  • Control systems for mining
  • Food processing
  • Hand held industrial devices
  • Military equipment
  • Rail equipment


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Rugged HMI Control Panel with PCB Backed Membrane Keyboard

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Case Study: Commend UK London Underground Contact Terminals

Custom HMI solution for the customer’s next generation of railway platform emergency call and communication information points.

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Case Study: VOX Technology Vandal Resistant Interactive Bus Information System

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Our Intelligent HMI solutions for broadcast, audio and communications equipment can be used in low light conditions using highly detailed graphics with rear illumination and numerous small display windows call for blemish free printing in a dust free environment. Our thin-film backlighting is ideal for illumination of capacitive switches as well as illumination for slider controls and rotary encoders.

We can help design and build a control panel that could integrate several technologies including a touch screen, conventional switches and encoders integrated into a fully tested plug in control panel.

HMI Solutions for Broadcast

  • Broadcast displays
  • Audio and mixing equipment
  • Professional Hi-Fi
  • Lighting control


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Case Study: Bespoke Capacitive Touch Screen Chosen for Outside Broadcast Vehicles

Custom designed LED backlit touchscreen featuring capacitive switching, scalable, wire-free, vandal and water resistant custom capacitive touchscreens.

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Access Control

Our interface and control panel designs for access control offer vandal resistance solutions with thin film graphic membranes and capacitive switching.

We provide complete customization and panels can be specified with or without illumination, and integrated with other technologies and components including card readers and LCD displays.

Typical designs for this sector incorporate rugged construction, branding/logo Illumination, Secret till Lit legends, and are suitable for high-end architectural applications. We design with full integration of displays, card readers and other control interfaces.

Customisable LED illuminated press and touch to exit switches

Our new range of panel mounted illuminated exit switches offer the end user a choice of capacitive touch switch or electromechanical push button for actuation, providing a modern and sleek alternative to conventional switch plates.

HMI Solutions for Access Control

  • Turnstile controls
  • Door entry panels
  • Card readers

Defence & Rugged/Harsh Environments

With over 25 years’ experience in rugged HMI solutions, Stadium is well versed in the in the demands of the defence and military markets. Interface solutions in these markets form a crucial part of the application where equipment is commonly used in environments where ruggedness is required as well as functionality.

With a proven track record in military vehicles, submarines and surface ship applications, our HMI solutions – whether a simple keypad or complex integrated control panel – are specifically designed and engineered to withstand the extreme harsh environments including land, sea and air applications.

• Weapon control and targeting systems
• Payload control
• Remote weapon system control
• Precision camera control
• Cockpit and flight simulators
• Mounted and dismounted interface
• Remote vision systems
• Unmanned operator control

HMI Solutions for Defence & Rugged/Harsh Environments

  • Polyester membranes – flexible and rigid
  • Silicone keypads with backlighting
  • Touchscreen technology
  • Joystick, glide pad, tracker ball
  • Conventional switches
  • IP67 and EMI/EMC
  • Full compliance testing