Custom Control Panels

We specialise in the design and build of fully integrated custom control panels to meet specific client or industry specifications.

Working with the design team at the beginning of the development process enables us to offer our knowledge and unparalleled experience to ensure the client chooses the most appropriate HMI solution. We offer multi-discipline design and manufacturing expertise to provide customers with fully assembled and tested units – developing the complete solution, saving significant assembly time for the customer and reducing time to market.

Using the latest technologies including touch and thin film backlighting our bespoke solutions can help with Illumination hot spots, Limited Z axis space, System integration, Innovation and Cost reduction.

Key Features

  • Complete HMI solution
  • Design support or designed to customer specification
  • PCB assembly
  • Integration and Build
  • Choice of interface technologies including capacitive switching, touch screens, backlighting and traditional membranes.


Case Study: Siemens Rail GSM-R Communications Panel

Control panel design and integration to meet demanding rail industry specifications.

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Case Study: Commend UK London Underground Contact Terminals

Custom HMI solution for the customer’s next generation of railway platform emergency call and communication information points.

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Thin Film Backlighting

Using our patented thin film backlighting technology we can design and build bespoke illuminated control panels and display solutions that can isolate illumination giving an array of options to enhance or define products from flashing sequences to animated colour changes.

Applications for this innovative and customisable illumination system include backlighting of capacitive touch panels for HMI systems including POS, ATM and industrial control panels, illuminated signage for indicators and instruction panels including secret-until-lit emergency signs for aircraft, point of sale and product branding.

Key Features

  • Low profile, typically 1.5mm
  • Low weight
  • High illumination uniformity – no hot spots
  • RGB LED’s provide comprehensive colour options
  • ‘Secret until lit’ signs
  • High impact product branding
  • Low power consumption
  • Up to 13mm panel thickness (glass, acrylic or polycarbonate) for hostile environments
  • Suitable for consumer or industrial applications
  • Incorporating capacitive switches, slider controls, joysticks, tracker balls and displays.


Whitepaper: Backlighting

Case Study: Commend UK London Underground Contact Terminals

Custom HMI solution for the customer’s next generation of railway platform emergency call and communication information points.

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Capacitive Switching Touch Technology

We offer complete design and manufacturing for touch screen solutions.

The two most popular types of touchscreen technology are Resistive and Projected Capacitive. The majority of new touchscreen devices – for example phones and tablets – use capacitive touchscreens, but there are also benefits to the more traditional resistive touchscreen designs.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreens do not rely on physical movement of the substrate to register a point of contact they can be bonded to the reverse of several different types and thicknesses of front cover material. These include glass, polyester, polycarbonate and others. This means assemblies can be made extremely robust, waterproof and vandal resistant. They have a high optical transparency are easy to clean and have no moving parts. Multi-touch and gesture support are simple to implement and open up a range of possibilities for GUI’s.

Resistive Touchscreens are well established, easy to manufacture, design and integrate into an assembly. They are suitable for many different industry sectors offering a high level of accuracy and will often be seen used with a stylus. They are low cost and easy to use.

Resistive technology does have limitations. As the layers mechanically flex to register a point of contact and are fairly thin they are prone to damage over a long period of use. Typically they cannot support gestures or multi-touch. Multiple layers of construction can also reduce light transmission from an LCD and can limit their use in direct sunlight.

Historically, illuminating capacitive switches has caused problems for designers because the electric field from the light source affects the operation of the capacitive switch, but by using thin film light guides and remote LED light sources, the two technologies can be successfully combined. Stadium IGT can integrate multi-colour area-specific backlighting and build into fully sealed all weather units.

  • Key Features – Resistive

    • Up to 24” diagonal size
    • Custom sizes available
    • Low cost
    • Standalone unit or fully integrated
  • Key Features – Capacitive Switching

    • Flexible
    • Up to 10mm thick
    • Glass, polycarbonate or Acrylic
    • Fully sealed – suitable for harsh environments
    • Support of SPI, UART, RS232, I²C, and USB interface protocol
    • ATMEL components


Article: A Comparative Guide to Touchscreen Technologies

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Article: Make the Break from Electro-mechanical Switches to Capacitive Switches

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Case Study: VOX Technology Vandal Resistant Interactive Bus Information System

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Standard Illuminated Capacitive Switch Modules

The switches feature our innovative method of combining the benefits of capacitive switching with multi-colour area-specific backlighting which until now has only been available in custom designed HMI solutions.

20mm and 35mm versions are available suitable for mounting into panel thickness of up to 11mm and providing high brightness full RGB illumination of touch area with unmatched uniformity of Illumination. The solid state switch design has a non-latching output of 40mA max operating from a supply voltage of 6Vdc to 28Vdc. The 35mm version offers designers adjustable low, medium and high touch sensitivity to suit the application. The operating temperature of the switch modules is 0°C to 50°C.

This new, off the shelf standard backlit switching solution allows panel designers to prototype and evaluate HMI designs without the need to develop custom capacitive sensors and backlighting.


  • High brightness full RGB illumination of touch area
  • Non latching, solid state switch output
  • Cable assembly available separately
  • Suitable for panel thickness up to 7mm or 11mm
  • Adjustable touch sensitivity (on 35mm only)


Data Sheet: 20mm Latched – 3323-54
View data sheet
Data Sheet: 20mm Momentary – 3323-57
View data sheet
Data Sheet: 35mm Latched – 3323-55
View data sheet
Data Sheet 35mm Momentary – 3323-58
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Standard LED Illuminated Press to Exit Switches

Stadium IGT have partnered with Acal BFi to create a break-through panel mounted Press to Exit switch offering the end user a choice of capacitive touch switch or electromechanical push button for actuation. This innovative HMI solution features Stadium IGT’s patented thin film backlighting built in to the back-plate offering optional colour-ways and user customizable legend, and is an innovative alternative to conventional switch plates.

These new Press to Exit switches use either a rugged and reliable industry standard dome actuated push-button or a high reliability capacitive touch switch mounted on an acrylic material incorporating patented thin-film LED illumination technology.

The material can be screen printed with different colours of text, making a low profile, low power consumption 12VDC powered unit that can be retrofitted to existing back boxes or supplied with an optional new back box. Customers can specify the text on the panel, illumination colour, switch style and operating voltage.

Key Features

  • Integrated thin film illumination.
  • Alternative to standard stainless switch
  • Low power consumption – 500mW @ 12VDC
  • Can be customised for different colours or text
  • Can be retro fitted using existing back boxes


Data Sheet: Press to Exit Switch Module

View data sheet

Membrane Keypads

Custom design and print membrane keypads and overlays. Small volume can be produced in the UK with larger volumes available from our Asia manufacturing facility.

PCB Based Membrane Keypads, combining a membrane keypad with a double sided or multilayer PCB will substitute the need of a support panel. Stadium IGT provides a turnkey service to populate the switching PCB plus any additional daughter PCBs with electronic components from your bill of materials saving space, interconnection and final assembly time. We can provide integration into complex sub-assemblies or provide a fully assembled and tested unit.

We can also incorporate almost any interface technologies including capacitive glide pads, joysticks, tracker balls, touch pads, mechanical switches and touch screen solutions.

Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays can be used to enhance a product or to provide an easy clean unbroken cover for mechanical switches and display. They produce an attractive finish and boost the all-important corporate image. Graphic overlays are used in all types of industries sectors and in a variety of equipment. Stadium IGT uses a full range of materials, inks and adhesives to offer the best solution for different applications.

Materials include Polyester (textured, gloss or chrome effect finish), PVC (textured or gloss finish), Polycarbonate (textured or gloss finish) and Stainless Steel foil (brushed, etched and printed).

  • Key features

    • Sealing up to IP65, IP67 or IP69K
    • Tactile or non-tactile key response
    • Dome, Pillow or Rim embossing
    • Chemical and UV resistant overlay materials
    • RFI / EMC / ESD protection
    • Surface mount LED’s can be integrated into the membrane assembly
    • Interchangeable legends or Inserts
    • Colour matching via photo spectrometer and VeriVide
  • Features – PCB

    • Standard membrane keypads features
    • Fully assembled and tested unit
    • LCD module integration
    • PS/2, USB keyboard encoding
    • Capacitive switching
    • Back light options


Case Study: Rugged HMI Control Panel

Rugged HMI Control Panel for vehicle trailer manufacturer DON-BUR with PCB Backed Membrane Keyboard

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