Creating sustainable value

We endeavour to act ethically and be socially and environmentally responsible while conducting our business. Sustainability at Stadium centres around four key areas: our people, our communities, our supply chain and our environment.

Our people

We believe our people are crucial to the success of our business. In order to deliver on our growth plans, we require a skilled and engaged workforce to achieve our shared vision. We are committed to employee development, and recognising and rewarding performance.

Supporting employee development
We ensure all employees have the relevant knowledge, skills and expertise to perform their work to consistently high standards and to achieve their full potential. We recognise that the training and development of our employees is fundamental to the improvement of our operational performance and key to attracting and retaining the right talent to achieve the business objectives. We have implemented personal goals and objectives (PGOs) for our workforce and follow a continuous process of appraisal and review to develop personal training plans and to identify training needs across the Group.

In 2016 we continued upskilling programmes including the development of specific skills at our newly organised regional fulfilment centre in Reading, UK, with technical, operational and supply chain related training programmes.

Employee engagement
Communication is fundamental to engaging employees so we encourage two-way open lines of communication throughout the Group and are committed to ongoing dialogue with local and global stakeholders to create trust, opportunities and long-term sustainable value. We utilise a variety of communication channels from workforce briefings, team briefings, suggestion schemes, works committees and newsletters.

Integration of employees gained through acquisition
As part our acquisition process we have developed detailed integration plans in order to guarantee a smooth transition for TUPE employees, ensuring that our business ethics, employee development and EHS policies and programmes are fully implemented.

Recognising and rewarding performance
We recognise the importance of managing performance to ensure employees fulfil their full potential and deliver business results, and where appropriate rewarding them for their achievements. Our employee recognition scheme enables us to have a consistent approach across the Group and aims to improve morale, encourage the right behaviour and improve business performance. In 2015 we launched the Annual CEO Awards which, now in its second year, recognises excellence in an individual’s performance and has received positive feedback from both management and the wider workforce. In 2016 we introduced the Annual Site CEO Award, recognising the excellent performance or achievement of a Stadium facility.

We require all Stadium Group plc employees, at all levels of the business, to abide by the fundamental principles of ethical behaviour as specified in our Global Code of Ethics Policy. Our objective is to apply these standards to all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements and we continually review and update our business policies to ensure every employee or representative of Stadium Group plc has the tools necessary for individual legal or regulatory compliance and ethical decision making.

Diversity and inclusion
Creating an equal, engaged and diverse workforce that reflects our global footprint and brings local knowledge is a key priority for Stadium. It is our policy to provide equal opportunities to all people without discrimination as to race, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, language, age, sexual orientation, marital status, religion or disability. We aim to provide an inclusive, collaborative culture that values individual employees and provides them with the support, opportunities and resources to reach their full potential.

Health, safety and environment

We are committed to protecting the environment, the health, safety and welfare of our employees and the communities where we operate. Our environmental, health and safety (EHS) approach starts with our EHS policy and is supported by our strategy for operational excellence throughout the whole of the business.

Environmental impact
Our principal focus areas include resource efficiency, reducing energy consumption, material waste management and recycling initiatives as we strive to reduce the impact of our manufacturing processes and resources on the environment. Our goal is to continually deliver improvements to address these areas and create cost savings for the business by setting EHS targets for all our sites that are reviewed annually. Sustainability plans to reduce water and electrical usage, landfill and scrap rates are implemented at all our manufacturing sites globally.

Health, safety and employee welfare
Protecting the health and safety of our employees is paramount to Stadium. We conduct regular safety audits and workplace safety training is delivered to all operational teams. We continue to implement and build on these activities and are monitoring the number of reportable accidents per employee year on year as a key performance indicator. 2016 highlights include the transition to the
ISO9001/ISO14001:2015 standards to maintain our commitment to this area and the increase in our commitment to monitor and report on water and energy usage at site level. In the year we also launched an initiative to reduce business travel through the encouragement of new teleconferencing facilities to help reduce our carbon footprint. We are proud to confirm we achieved zero reportable accidents from our business in 2016.

The integrity of our supply chain

Stadium acknowledges its responsibilities to maintain an ethical and responsible supply chain. We are actively adhering to both legislation and our own policies under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Conflict Materials and Ethical business in the areas in which we operate to ensure transparency within our organisation and with the suppliers of goods and services to the organisation. We operate strict supplier approval processes to ensure adherence to our policies.

Our commitment as a responsible supplier
In 2016 we also maintained industry recognised accreditations that reflect the quality of our operations as a responsible supplier to the rail, aerospace and defence supply chains – SC21 and RISQS. In 2017 we achieved UK certification to the automotive standard TS16949 to complement the certification already in place in China. Moving forward to 2017 we are implementing the adoption of the globally recognised Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct across the Group.

Supporting our local communities

Inspiring and encouraging future talent through apprenticeships Stadium has long been a firm supporter of apprenticeship programmes and has developed positive relationships with local schools and colleges to inspire the next generation of engineers and business leaders. In 2016 we maintained our commitment with the recruitment of several new apprentices in the UK.

All for a good cause
We encourage our businesses to support their local communities and charities through active participation in fundraising events and initiatives. In 2016 we supported several excellent causes including Macmillan Cancer Support and Alice House Hospice.

Our CEO, Charlie Peppiatt, and the Managing Director of the Electronic Assemblies business in the UK, Chris Short, took part in the globally recognised Great North Run, raising funds for Sara’s Hope Foundation. In 2017 we have a total of 27 employees from across the Group taking part in the event in support of the Foundation. In 2016 our HMI division in Eastleigh supported the Southampton Wood Recycling Project, which provides work to unemployed, retired or disabled people through the provision of waste wood.